About Kelly Xo Xo

Being mysterious is something only a few women can do, and the others can only try, because you need the genetics for it. Kelly, however, does it pretty well, since we all know so little about her and cannot find out more than what she lets us. Still, everyone likes her, mostly because of her Latin and Caucasian mix, which makes her skin beautiful and her body stunning. On the other side, even though everyone can see her naked on her website, Kelly Xo Xo has so much about her that makes us think deeper or just imagine. But you should be happy, because here you will find out some things that you didn't know about this stunning lady.

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There is more than meets the eye

Kelly is speculated to have been born in Europe, since she has a Western Europe accent and the looks of a beautiful Russian girl. But still, her skin says it otherwise, so we may never find out where she actually comes from. She has only made 11 porn movies so far, which is too little to realize anything, but more will come, for sure. On the other hand, Kelly Xo Xo has her own website, where she posts videos and pictures regularly and invites people to join her.

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Her style is known and lady - like, but she becomes a real Latina woman in the bed, as you can see in her movies. Besides the speculations about her, we only know that she has a navel piercing and that she says that she is a centerfold. It may seem interesting, but if you really think about it and watch her amazing videos, you will see what it means. Kelly Xo Xo may be right that kind of woman that you need, so make sure to check her out and see if you can meet her, because she also works as an escort lady.

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