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There is a deep secret fantasy in every man and woman that involves something barely legal, but it is still there. Fantasizing about younger people about having relations with them is the thing that all secretly do, since it is so full of excitement. But everyone does it with teenagers older than 18 years of age, which is normal, even for the oldest of you. Having intimate relations with young people is something that would make everyone feel younger and like the life is still in front of them. You should therefore be happy, because there are plenty of young women out there who love to be with older people.

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A fetish or not?

Imagining yourself and enjoying being with much younger people than yourself might be an fetish. The difference is whether it especially turns you on, or if you just like it and enjoy the company of 18+ teenagers and young adults. Whatever the case is, definitions and labels are unimportant, therefore make sure to just enjoy it and don't care about what it is called. In case you are trying to find out how to do that, here is the right place, because not only does Kelly Xo Xo enjoy making everyone happy, but also other young ladies do.

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There are also women that everyone calls cougars, because they enjoy the company of younger men. Teenager might be a too young sounding name for those boys, but young adults may fit much better. In case you are one of them, and reading this, you should know that following your wishes and making them true is much more important than just doing what is normal and judged so by the society. If you want a man or a woman half or third your age, then go for it, you will find one for sure, that enjoys your company just as you enjoy his or her.